Tuesday, March 11, 2014

From my Perspective

I was traveling toward Elkins, WV this week and saw this tree out in the middle of a small pond. I have to admit that it is not the first time I have noticed this tree. In fact I have viewed it many times over the last several months.  I even commented to Tammy how pretty it was... especially when lit in the wee hours of the morning (that would be anytime before the sun is fully up) and in the evenings. The white lights could be seen dancing across the surface of the pond... And later as the pond froze over, or as i happened to pass by in a snowstorm, it's beauty became almost overwhelming. It has been a companion and a source of joy to me.

However, today, as we approach the middle of March it has taken on a new place in my mind.  It makes me think of some of the things that are part of my life that have overstayed their welcome. I dare say you know what I'm talking about, because chances are you have a few of your own.  It's sad, really, how something that once held such joy and grandeur, can lose that so quickly after it passes it's expiration date.

As I reflect on this tree, and how it challenging me in my life, I would like to challenge you to examine some of the things in your own life that may have gone beyond their useful date. Let's all pack up and get rid of those things that just don't belong in the current season of our lives.